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Tahoe Donner Senior Alpine Ski Club


2017 Ski Fit Class


Where: Trout Creek Rec. Center

Date:  Starting October 4 through December 4, 2017

Days: Monday

Time:  1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Set to music, this class combines exercises needed to strengthen the core (trunk) and large leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus muscles and hip flexors) used in skiing.  Exercises will use a combination of steps, dumbbells, balls, balance cushions, bands and body weight.  Some exercises will be dynamic since skiing is dynamic (in other words, your heart will work out too!).  Upper body pushing and pulling exercises will also be included for a total body workout.  Class includes a 10-15 minute dynamic warm-up, including a full-body stretch, and a soothing cool-down stretch to lengthen muscles and help minimize muscle soreness.

This class is open to all TD members.

Costs per class:



$90 10-PACK




$126 10-PACK

The class fee does not change for members whether or not they pay their rec fee

Just show up at Trout Creek, sign in and pay at the front desk. Classes are limited to 25 people, so arrive early to have a space in class! You can use a Trout Creek fitness pass too.


Karen Brunings, CFT Instructor


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