Charitable/Volunteer Activities by TDSASC

During the 2009-2011 seasons we made a concerted effort to do a major volunteer activity with Disabled Sports USA and host a Wounded Warrior Weekend during February. Members volunteered to host vets in their homes and help with any transport needs to/from the Alpine Meadows ski area. Our efforts went well but the club felt that it was not truly a club sponsored event, and the board and those involved with the organization agreed to let it continue, if desired, as an individual event without coordination through TDSASC.

However, the board may be open to other ideas on the volunteer front. Members may bring their ideas to the board regarding volunteer efforts which member(s) may be passionate about and which involve skiing.

The club is always interested in trying new events but it does require a volunteer to organize it. Contact any member of the board for help and guidance on setting up a trial run of a new kind of event.